The alpha male is back
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The alpha male is back

The alpha male is back

What happened last Saturday is far from the discreet welcome that Podemos organized for Irene Montero, who returned after her maternity leave. We have gone from the applauses in a second-row event, to the announcement of the coming of the Messiah, with an immortalisation picture included, but a pop modern version of it, as if it was a poster of a rock star’s show. The reason for Montero’s absence is much more heroic than the one of the dominant male, because he has only taken care of what other person has given birth to.

In fact, it was a period in which the only thing that can be proved is that Pablo Iglesias did not go to Congress, but he did have the time to meet with Pedro Sánchez and negotiate the General State Budget with politicians in jail, among other minor issues.

Pablo Iglesias is back, and he returns with a dramatised speech that reminds us of those rock bands that go back to the classics or that version themselves, because no one is interested in the new tunes. It is a vulgar rehash, actually. A speech drawn from El Rincón del Vago, in which you can notice the rushed copy-paste from past announcements and new exaggerations to satisfy their followers, but those are empty statements, actually.

Saturday’s speech, and the encores that he offers at the interviews of La Sexta or Telecinco, among others, sticks to the revival script very similar in form, but not in context, to the one that he gave about 15-M, which helped him to gain 5 million votes and 70 deputies. Even the same square was chosen, but nothing is the same anymore.

The man is back, the one who is able to sit those who rule the country down on a chair, one by one, telling them that their privileges are over, as Montero stated. In other words, that Pablo is an alpha male; the only one, according to his groupies. The rest of us are beta men, subject to the real power of the rich and powerful people who are in control of capital and the media, even sodomised, paying attention to the pyrotechnic and flowery language that the messianic leader employs in response to his acolytes.

He has come back, but in fact he never left. He, who announces that the next leader of Podemos will be a woman, but not now. For the moment, only the male saver can put the formation back on the right track, the same one that he has twisted with absolutist decisions, without taking into account the fact that there are primary elections in which voters will have a say. Otherwise, the ethnic cleansing will simply go on until the numbers square with the view of the leadership of the party.

The truth is that the strength of Pablo Iglesias is currently only measured by a very fickle method: social media. Podemos’ general secretary is the candidate for the presidency of the government, which has more followers on Twitter and Facebook, whereas Instagram –the most feminine social network, according to statistics- surrenders to the president of VOX, Santiago Abascal, who rides ahead on horseback across the steep, as Mel Gibson in Braveheart.

Iglesias is the candidate who has more public, with 2.26 million followers on Twitter, in comparison with the 1.36 millions that follow his party on the same social network. It seems that the alpha male is on trend. The curious aspect is that, on the three social networks, the second place is for Ciudadanos’ leader, Albert Rivera. The perfect son-in-law is a bit less important, perhaps because he looks for another kind of public, or because he only has to wait for the alpha men to break apart. In reality, as in Highlander, there is only place for one of them.

There are 5 weeks left, so there is still time to redirect the project. If bile does not defeat him, Pablo Iglesias and Santiago Abascal can help a beta male –Pedro Sánchez- to become the president of the government. It is better if we do not talk about the famous surpass of the left wing.