Time for a reform
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Time for a reform

Time for a reform

An illustrative response can be given, or a delivery date for a project can be set, obviously always being generous when leaving some margins for unforeseen circumstances. Because as we all know, when a wall is open there are always lots of hidden surprises that may affect the estimated prediction.

For that reason, you might mistrust someone that gives strict and precise times without having previously seen the blueprint of the project or has not even watched the space for reform.

The key for avoiding some issues while working is not only having made a great planification, but also having a good boss and decorator on the working site. There is also a need to maintain a continuous communication for redirecting the initial previsions if necessary. That way your work would suffer less inconvenience, because let’s be honest… it will.

The average time for reforming a flat of 90 m2 once the project is developed and licenses are requested is of two months. However, you need to count on 15 extra days for posible unexpected circumstances or delays of material delivery. You can be faster, but that won’t ever be a problem for the client. Nonetheless, being slow will be a clear problem.

Especially in a reform time passes slower than one would like. On some occasions, it can make you think that you are in a constant loop without ending, like when you are seeing one of those decorative pieces of the kinetic art that when you put them on the noticeable movement is always the same. This phase when you have to proceed with demolitions, changing the wiring, building walls or tile… then it starts the frenetic phase with painters, floors, finishing touches and decoration.

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