Evento Plus and Sanserif Creatius: the coolest trends in event furniture
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Evento Plus and Sanserif Creatius: the coolest trends in event furniture

Evento Plus and Sanserif Creatius: the coolest trends in event furniture

Evento Plus · 15/04/2011

The most important portal specialised in contract and events in Spain, Evento Plus, has chosen Sanserif Creatius furniture and accessories as an example of the coolest trends in event furniture. The publication highlights the pieces made from 100% biodegradable corrugated cardboard by Ana Yago and Jose Antonio Gimenez. This previews the new collection of furniture “with hair” that the designers have launched on the occasion of their latest exhibition at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid; pop-up ecofurniture exhibition by Sanserif Creatius. This pre-launch of the new collection previews the re-styling of pieces such as the bold seat that will culminate in the exhibition “My cHair needs a haircut”, scheduled for the next edition of Feria Hábitat Valencia.

Gran hermano 11 + Feria Hábitat Valencia · 15/04/2011

Extract: Sanserif’s 100% biodegradable habitat Ecodesign responds to the sensibility of a new generation that is looking for furniture and products that respect the environment. Sanserif Creatius has adopted this philosophy as a programmatic point of its creative policy.

 This Valencian company produces its corrugated cardboard furniture, single pieces, or standard series, through a mixture of raw and recycled materials, without forgetting the aesthetic aspect: in the case of the bold bench (an armchair in the shape of a “b”), by adding a colourful tuft of hair, this piece has become a pop object.

 Their collections of bags, sofas, stools, and gadgets can be presented in their natural or customised form (vinylated or printed in full colour, for example). What they never forget, however, is sustainability -they have even created a 100% biodegradable grandfather clock!