El Correo de Álava: Beyond Ikea
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El Correo de Álava: Beyond Ikea

El Correo de Álava: Beyond Ikea

In this globalised world in which we live in, you don’t have to go to Sweden to buy Ikea furniture, it’s almost right next door, wherever you live. The funny thing is that to innovate in Spain and have a certain presence, it is necessary to have an overwhelming success outside our borders. Maybe not that overwhelming, hopefully, but the presence of Sanserif Creatius furniture it is conquering new frontiers every day, from Portugal to Egypt, passing through Germany…our unfinished business: Spain.

Even thou, said Rocío Mendonza in “El correo de Álava, the national media are paying more attention every day to the work of Sanserif Creatius and many other Spanish studios and creatives who are committed to new paths in the world of habitat and industry; social design is one of them and our cardboard furniture is simply an example.

El Correo de Álava · 26/06/2011

Extract: “Do-it-yourself furniture is already universal, but the future is giving a twist to decoration with an ideal bet for times of crisis: transgressive, easy, cheap and one hundred per cent ecological.

Take a closer look at this designer chair by clicking here. Imagine it in an exquisite living room, like this one here. What material would you say it’s made of? No, it’s not wood. The correct answer is cardboard. Pure ecology for a different kind of home.

This is one of the great creations of the Valencian Studio Sanserif Creatius. They were not born yesterday, but their proposals for ecological furniture made with this material are gaining followers. Or, at least, fame. On Thursday 23 June, Ana Yago and José Antonio Giménez took part in a conference on materials at the Furniture and wood Technology Centre in Murcia. “Cardboard is more economical, ecological and more resistant than you think”, says the Valencian designers.

They are now preparing their collection for the upcoming Habitat Fait in Valencia in September. The star of the show is the chair in the image above, the bold with hair. Hence the name of the exhibition “My hair needs a hair cut”.”