Exclusive fans for the summer heat
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Exclusive fans for the summer heat

Exclusive fans for the summer heat

Temperatures higher than 27ºC are expected for this weekend, so from Sanserif.es we have thought that the fans ‘Palmito Sense’ and ‘Gentleman’ will be the best option for those who visit Palo Alto Market, which is celebrated between the 26th and the 28th of May in Jardines de Viveros, Valencia.

Just arrived from Ambiente Frankfurt (Germany, they still preserve the cold from the German lands to mitigate the heat of the Mediterranean.

On one hand, we can find the collection Parlmito Sense & Palmito City, a project which recovers the tradition language of the Valencian fan palm as unisex accessory. A line of fans that reincorporates colloquial expressions, onomatopoeias and words with double sense which incites the visual communication and helps to break the ice in the first contact among the youngers.

This piece, which participated in the exhibition Esencia organised by the Craftwork Centre of the Community of Valencia and the Japanese Embassy in Spain and which was made for the craftwork business Di-Abani, pretends to reach to the new potential audience easing the communication and promoting the use of the fan as a ludic accessory, and at the same time useful, thanks to the messages about mood, personal situation, or simply by playing with the guile of the messages that are reproduced in the sticks of the fan palms.

And to the most hipsters and tendency lovers, we also have available the collection ‘Gentleman’, design by Sanserif Creatius and produced by the master craftman Antonio Soldevila. This collection pretends to recover this fashion accessory for the man of the 21st Century. This innovative proposal is inspired in the punk aesthetic, the Scottish tartan and the traditional shirt clothing such as the poplin and the Prince of Wales.