An Scandinavian-style real estate agency
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An Scandinavian-style real estate agency

An Scandinavian-style real estate agency


Sanserif Creatius’ work for this company specialized in both the rental and sale of homes, premises and offices in Valencia and in the urbanizations around the outskirts, aims to capture ―from the moment a client steps into the offices― the product that they are going to find in the portfolio of homes, premises and offices of Cualidad Gestión Inmobiliaria.


A real estate agency in which the tones and furniture are inspired by the Nordic style is the latest proposal from Sanserif Creatius. The new space of Cualidad Gestión Inmobiliaria in Valencia is committed to a minimalist aesthetic and open-plan and functional spaces, but with a notable artistic charge to define a new way of relating to the client.



Fresh spaces with a casual image, in which warmth and functional furniture take precedence, with the aim of providing tailor-made solutions, thanks to a team of consultants with more than two decades of experience in the sector.