Hola checks out the new Sanserif Creatius’ biodegradable GrandPa Clock
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Hola checks out the new Sanserif Creatius’ biodegradable GrandPa Clock

Hola checks out the new Sanserif Creatius’ biodegradable GrandPa Clock

The “GrandPa Clock” comes back home. This is the echoing headline of the last digital edition report of Hola son the GrandpPa Clock by Sanserif Creatius, which brings back an iconic piece from the traditional house of the beginning of the last century to our contemporary homes.

GrandPa Clock in its floor version – Sanserif Creatius

This clock it’s just a sample of the Spanish designers Sanserif Creatius’ new collection for Habitat Valencia Fair, and its demo called “Three little pigs” which represents a fable on the importance of both the materials in our surrounding and our lifestyle, focusing on the commitment to sustainability and the social design that characterizes these creatives.

Ana Yago y José Antonio Giménez · Sanserif Creatius

Extract from the piece of news: Since our grandparents’ times many things ―including houses―have suffered a big change. Those extremely long corridors and spacious rooms full of large wooden furniture, three-door cupboards and large bookshelves are no longer in use. Nevertheless, some of those pieces did have a charm difficult to find in nowadays furniture.

Bigs, sure; not that practical, ok. But who can forget that spark our mothers’ or grandmothers’ old dressers had? Or that charming floor clock in our grandfathers’ or uncles’ living? Indeed, that clock that inspired the tale of The Seven Little Goats ―in which the youngest hides into the clock to save himself from the wolf.

Well, just because its old and belongs to two generations ago, it doesn’t necessarily have to be considered old or out of fashion. Just a simple reinterpretation can completely change the tale.