Dinosaurs that fit on a button
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Dinosaurs that fit on a button

Dinosaurs that fit on a button


Craftsmanship and design specialists have brought back button covers in children’s fashion with a collection inspired by insects and dinosaurs. This has been conceived to help children acquire responsible behavioral routines and practice fine motor skills, according to Ana Yago, designer of the ‘Buddy Buttons’ collection and director of Sanserif Creatius. These pieces can be purchased at the online shops of their creators and at Sibarita Shop, the official shop of the Valencian Community Crafts Centre.

A new concept for children’s jewelry ―dinosaurs, insects, and domestic animals― transferred to children’s clothes in the shape of cute button covers and designed to decorate garments with small recreations of bright colors, simplified shapes, and a resistant, non-toxic material.

The idea was thought for those elements that are around children in their daily lives to provide some added value to their purely aesthetic function, according to Ana Yago. She also explained that ‘Buddy Buttons’ help children in their practice on fine motor skills, encourage the acquisition of responsible behavior routines, and allow them to easily carry a reference element of their pet or a toy with them, while being always available for play.


In fact, these button covers have been made by the Alicante artisan Mónica Blanco by using colored polymer clay and hand-tinted elastic rubber to guarantee children’s safety, long with the fun designs by Sanserif Creatius based on pictograms that try to reduce to the essence such well-known animals such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Brachiosaurus and the Stegosaurus, or insects such as the fly, the mosquito, and the bee.

In the process of making each piece, different modelling, and dyeing techniques have been mixed since the decorative sets and accessories in breadcrumbs and semi-hardened materials such as acrylic resin or plasteline, among others, were different.

These pieces are part of the collaboration between Sanserif Creatius and Mónica Blanco for the project Esencia ―Japanese inspiration in Valencian craftsmanship which has been promoted by the Valencian Crafts Centre with the aim of opening new markets for professionals in the sector and to influence the necessary implementation of design in craft processes while respecting tradition and materials.