Sanserif Creatius | Dret Civil Valencià vs European Law
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Dret Civil Valencià vs European Law

Dret Civil Valencià vs European Law

It seems quite anecdotal that the rights Philip V abolished with the Nueva Planta Decrees back in 1707 are now being restored by Philip VI 300-something years later. Or that’s what he’s trying…

The Valencian regional codes of laws were the first legal text made from the Roman Law, at least in Spain. Just for that reason, they already deserve a prize. Recovering its essence is okay, but its history… Well, we cannot ask Europe to have a unified European law while kingdoms of taifas are being approved here in Spain.

If we all want the citizens to be equal, thus, establishing 17 different attitudes towards custody, inheritance or matrimonial property regime is not the path to follow… Just a point of view.

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