Sanserif Creatius | A 100% accessible Turia Garden
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A 100% accessible Turia Garden

A 100% accessible Turia Garden

In we have been committed to urban accessibility and universal design for many years through carrying out sustainable furniture in corrugated cardboard, among other development. We’ve covered aspects from the development of the image of accessible beaches and parks, to the integration of Employment Centres for Special Needs into the labour market.

Therefore, when we were offered to put into practice a graphic proposal for a motion favouring improvements in the accessibility to the Turia Garden, we could not refuse.

There are already 11 entrances fully accessible so far, but they are only the 18% of the possible entrances to the riverbed. This low percentage still limits the enjoyment of these facilities which are the backbone of the city to people with reduced mobility, disabled people and seniors.

If only there would be a consensus between municipal groups so that we can gradually facilitate the access to many people who has an additional difficulty in their daily life.