Mónica Armani: My Understanding of Design
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Mónica Armani: My Understanding of Design

Mónica Armani: My Understanding of Design

There is an inextricable bond between how I understand architecture and design. Similarly to architecture, in design my goal is to free space from an overload of signs. Whether big or small, I want all my projects to be a synthesis of aesthetic harmony, of detail, of sensibility and to respond to the function for which they were created.

Rationality, purity and formal precision are words that give meaning and substance to my work.

I like to think that my projects respect and preserve the grace of an elegant, understated design. Sophisticated and restrained, yet at once the outcome of my radical rejection of the superfluous, of my ongoing project of refining the idea in search of the perfection of idea and function.

I like working with recognisable forms because I believe that we have no need to invent a new aesthetic language every time. I prefer for the elements of a family or collection to be identifiable. I do not like changes of tone, or disconnected elements, because I think that the more silent a piece of furniture is, the more options it has of lasting.

In our time, we are bombarded with a myriad of suggestions and proposals as a consequence of the great mobility of the population. For that reason, there is a huge diversity of the layering of different ways of living and thinking the space. Any attempt to reduce that situation to a single idea or trend will limit the ability to understand this development as a whole.

I think that good design is timeless, and that the objects deriving from it are recognisable everywhere. I am convinced that those spaces that have been freed from the superfluous and are well designed are a “refuge” highly valued by many.

The exercise of educating people in this meaning of design continues being anything but easy and well understood.

More: www.articulado.org