Arab-inspired table is Sanserif’s latest creation in ecological furniture
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Arab-inspired table is Sanserif’s latest creation in ecological furniture

Arab-inspired table is Sanserif’s latest creation in ecological furniture

A table drawing its inspiration from Arabic art is the latest ecological design by Sanserif Creatius, a design studio from Valencia, Spain, specialised in the development of biodegradable furniture and products. In fact, Mustafa is a m-shaped table that can be put to many uses and follows their philosophy of bringing designs with industrial materials into homes and offices.

Mustafá table · Sanserif Creatius

Mustafá is a table for the boardroom or the dinning room. The Arabian inspiration conjures up the genie of the lamp and A thousand and one night stories proceed from the original tale Scheherazade. The new design is part of the exclusive collection in corrugated cardboard presented at the latest edition of Habitat Valencia Fair inspires by this compilation where some stories are framed within other tales, while others begin and end of their own accord.

Spain keeps and maintains a legacy of Arabic culture and traditions. The arts and crafts held for generations. Relying on their standard of beauty and applying their knowledge, rescue and reproduce elements of this style, integrating and adapting to modern times. Arab architecture –and furniture too- has been one of the most beautiful in the world because of it’s lavish design and beauty. Summarizing and reflecting the best possible way, the wealth of other influences found. That’s the real inspiration of Mustafá table.

True to the environmental and social values underpinning in Sanserif Creatius designs, Mustafá table was conceived in corrugated cardboard as part of its collection of new materials for the home. In fact, Ana Yago’s work largely focuses on so-called “social design” which is all about coming up with solutions to the needs of our society while at once transmitting values that reinforce cooperation, respect and coexistence.

As the designer from Sanserif Creatius says, “we are keenly aware that users are looking for added values, furniture and products with soul, that transmit cultural, social and environmental values”.