Time for the brave ones
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Time for the brave ones

Time for the brave ones

Source: Tribuna Libre

Pedro Sánchez is not Gabino Diego. Although sometimes he seems like a young anarchist, his motivations aren’t the defence of the national patrimony – of culture – as the embodied hero by the Madrid-based actor in Antonio Mercero’s film, of which I took the title of this article, but the political survival, at all costs. No one doubts it, not even socialist voters. And it’s not the time to address this evidence for umpteenth time.

It’s not even the moment to repeat the abdication of the more relevant socialist leaders – barons, they are named –. Neither Guillermo Fernández Vara, nor Javier Lambán, nor Susana Díaz disagreed. By the way, of no apparent relevance between the socialist nobility of our Ximo Puig, what demonstrate the real position of the Valencian Community. At least, in the movie, we Valencians were left with Goya’s self-portrait.

Only the Castilla-La Mancha’s president, Emiliano García Page, have maintained a riotous profile, not rebellious, questioning the bilateral agreement between Pedro Sánchez and Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC). «if the bilateral relation is established it should be made with every community», Garcia Page said. Something that sounds as autonomous revindication, not a defence of the territorial unity and of the principles that the Spanish Constitution defends.

If the only critical voice of PSOE just claims that they don’t forget of his slice of the pie, lest there be only spider webs in the common box for the rest, is that there isn’t critical voice in socialism with chair. The ones who are enjoying pension, do not count.

Today, socialists as Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba are missed. He was the one who christened the Frankenstein government, not the opposition. That says it all. There are those who saw it as a Sith, member of a mystique and monastic order representing the Dark Side of the Force. He wasn’t a Jedi Knight either, let’s not kid ourselves. But he was one of those politicians that is usually called “plumber” in the talking shop, intelligent and expert of the ins and outs of the national political sewer, but respectful with the master lines of the Constitution. That was enough.

That’s why, I think this is Time for the Brave Ones.

Hopefully, those braves will meet among the socialist deputies of the Congress, but this is only someone’s daydream who still believes that democracy is sustained in the principles of solidarity and equality of every citizen. I doubt that the iron discipline of the party avoids that Pedro Sánchez collects more yeses’ than nays in the second voting of the investiture debate on Tuesday.

If the brave ones are not in the left side of the hemicycle, we should look for them in the right side. But the fear of losing the opposition’s leadership – and perhaps of the PP itself – of Pablo Casado against Santiago Abascal (VOX), it maintains them in a selfish position similar to Sanchez’s. They think more in their political future and in their formation, than in the country. Nothing could be expected from them, even though the sacrifice of investing Pedro Sánchez in exchange for nothing was in their hands. Or rather, without asking more than being publicly recognized that he will remain faithful to the constitutional framework, with the sacrifice of his autonomic and municipal governments with pro-independence people. Something unacceptable, in fact.

It remains to us to think about the little ones – by seats’ number, I mean – making for themselves a hara-kiri, while the big ones – by number, not ethics – continue with their euphemisms to defend the indefensible and not to say what is obscene, immoral and vile. But, the parties with less representation have learnt that they can put price on their support without affecting their dignity, or yes, but whatever. Whoever is without sin, cast the first stone.

We forgot about the centre, perhaps because no one is counting on him. Or her, in this case. Inés Arrimadas is a hope for the future, kind of Rey Palpatine, a scrap dealer – a lawyer, if you prefer it – whose parents abandoned her in the desertic planet of Jakku. As I didn’t see The Rise of Skywalker, don’t ask me to guess the relevance in its future story. I am not, nor do I pretend to be Nostradamus.

The only thing Arrimadas can do is to keep himself alive politicly, waiting to get her ranks in order and confronting a year in which, if we follow the predominant selfish discourse, she will enjoy a comfortable position for her birth, while her future political rivals are being consumed. About the calls to the socialist barons, is part of the survival theatre in the public or published opinion, whatever you prefer to call it. And the closed defence of Vara, Díaz or Lambán, the sample of “Donde dije digo, digo Diego” (a Spanish idiom that would mean: changing opinion without evidence) is the top of the actual politics.

Another matter is that it came as a surprise in Las Gaunas, allow me the athletic licence of Carrusel Deportivo, Pedro Sánchez ending up in the Guinness Book World Records with the doubtful honour of grabbing the largest number of failed investments, and us going to the fifth elections in a five-year period. Predictably, they would be called on March and celebrated in April 22th. Hopefully.

If you have arrived here, keep looking for those “braves” whose time have come. Well, then, it’s you – reader – and me. It’s our time.

Sánchez says that the law “on itself is not enough” and he defends the dialogue in Catalonia and to overcome the “judicial drift”. I, on Monday, will eat with my family and give presents, trying to forget the Spanish politics. But on Tuesday, on Tuesday… who am I tricking to. On Tuesday I will go to work. The cemeteries are full of heroes.


By José Antonio Giménez

Political marketing analyst