Sanserif Creatius | From the co-presidency to jacket pin
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From the co-presidency to jacket pin

From the co-presidency to jacket pin

Sometimes numbers blind us and we lose sight of the content. What the Second Vice-presidency was then, today is just one of the four of the new executive Pedro Sánchez. What Pablo Iglesias was going to manage in his two areas; Social Rights and Agenda 2030, which gathered the goals of United Nations to the Sustainable Development, with special impact in the fight against poverty and climate emergency. And guarantee him a presence at the ONU and the EU – questions, up to now, outdoor competition-. Today, we don’t know well what is it.

If there’s still something, of course, after the creation of the vice-presidency to the Ecologic Transition and the Demographic Challenge, in charge of Teresa Ribera. Or, which is the same, who will actually deal climate change, the fall of the birth rate. Or the transformation that brings with it the duty of reducing emissions and the empty Spain. Ribera is trespassing on Iglesias’ territory in the EU.

Not to talk about the government’s spokeswoman.

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